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Take From and Take Apart Word Problems

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Eureka Math/EngageNY grade 1 module 2 lesson 21 Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Grade 1 Module 2, Lesson 21
Eureka Math grade 1 module 2 lesson 21 Worksheets (pdf)

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Grade 1 students learn how to share and critique peer solution strategies for take from with result unknown and take apart with addend unknown word problems from the teens.

Common Core Standards: 1.OA.1, 1.OA.3, 1.OA.4, 1.OA.6, 1.OA.5, 1.OA.7

Lesson 21 Exit Ticket

Meg thinks solving the following word problem using the take from ten strategy is the
best way to solve. Bill thinks that solving the problem using the count on strategy is a
better way. Solve both ways and explain which strategy you think is best.

Mike and Sally have 6 cats. They have 14 pets in all. How many pets do they have
that are not cats?
I think __________ strategy is best because _________________

Lesson 21 Homework

Olivia and Jake both solved the word problems.
Write the strategy used under their work.
Check their work. If incorrect, solve correctly.
If solved correctly, solve using a different strategy.

Mike ate 6 apples from the fruit bowl. If the fruit bowl had 13 apples, how many apples are left?

Drew has 17 baseball cards in a box. He has 8 cards with Red Sox players and the rest are Yankee players. How many Yankee player cards does Drew have in his box?

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