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Applications involving Systems of Inequalities

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, games, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to apply systems of linear inequalities to real life problems.

System of Inequalities Application
Luis receives a gift card worth $25 to an online retailer that sells digital music and games. Each song costs $0.89, and each game costs $1.99. He wants to buy at least 15 items with this card.
Set up a system of inequalities that represents this scenario, and identify the range of possible purchases using a graph.
Systems of Inequalities - Applications
Learn to apply systems of linear inequalities to real life problems.
Leyla is selling hot dogs and spicy sausages at the fair. She has only 40 buns, so she can sell no more that a total of 40 hot dogs and spicy sausages. Each hot dog sells for $2, and ecah sausage sells for $2.50. Leyla needs at least $90 in sales to meet her goal.
Write and graph a system of inequalities that models this situation.

Systems of Inequalities Word Problems
Renee's Pet Store never has more than a combined total of 20 cats and dogs. They also have more that 8 cats. How many of each type of pet can they have at the pet store?

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