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Standard Subtraction Algorithm and Tape Diagrams


Videos and solutions to help Grade 4 students use place value understanding to decompose to smaller units up to 3 times using the standard subtraction algorithm, and apply the algorithm to solve word problems using tape diagrams.

Common Core Standards: 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.4, 4.NBT.1, 4.NBT.2

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New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Grade 4, Lesson 14

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 4 Lesson 14 Concept Development

Problem 1: Subtract, decomposing twice.
22,397 – 3,745 =

Problem 2
Subtract: 210,290 – 45,720, decomposing three times.

Problem 3: Use the subtraction algorithm to solve a word problem, modeled with a tape diagram, decomposing units 3 times.
Bryce needed to purchase a large order of computer supplies for his company. He was allowed to spend $859,239 on computers. However, he ended up only spending $272,650. How much money did Bryce have left?

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 4 Lesson 14 Problem Set

1. Directions: Use the standard algorithm to solve the following subtraction problems.
a. 101,660 - 91,680 =
e. 1,000,000 - 592,000 =

Directions: Draw a tape diagram to represent each problem. Use numbers to solve and write your answer as a statement. Check your answers.
2. There are 86,400 seconds in one day. If Mr. Liegel is at work for 28,800 seconds a day, how many seconds a day is he away from work?
4. A theater holds a total of 2,013 chairs. 197 chairs are in the VIP section. How many chairs are not in the VIP section?

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