Solving Exponential Equations With The Same Base

These lessons help PreCalculus students learn how to solve exponential equations with the same base.

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The following diagram shows some examples of solving exponential equations with the same base. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions for solving exponential equations with the same base.

Exponential Equations same base

How to solve exponential equations when you can write each side of the equation with a common base?
These equations to not require the use of logarithms.

Solve Exponential Equations by Finding the Same Base and Using Exponent Properties

How to solve exponential equations by expressing both sides of the equation as powers of the same base?

Solving Exponential Equations Part I

Learn how to solve one-to-one exponential equations.

Equivalent Forms of Exponential Equations

This lesson focuses on equivalent forms of exponential expressions (writing as a power of a specific base) and using that concept to solve some exponential equations.

Exponential equations

Solving equations when the exponent is x. Solving for the exponent.

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