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Solve Percent Problems

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Videos and solutions to help Grade 6 students solve percent problems.
When given a part and the percent, students find the percent of a quantity and solve problems involving finding the whole.

New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Grade 6, Lesson 28

Lesson 28 Student Outcomes

• Given a part and the percent, students find the percent of a quantity and solve problems involving finding the whole.

Lesson 28 Summary

Percent problems include the part, whole, and percent. When one of these values is missing, we can use tables, diagrams, and models to solve for the missing number.

Lesson 28

Learn how to solve percent problems.
Learn how to calculate sale price and discount.

Lesson 28 Classwork

Example 1
If an item is discounted 20%, the sale price is what percent of the original price?
If the original price of the item is $400, how much is the dollar amount of the discount?
How much is the sale price? What are some ways that we can solve this problem?

Exercise 1
Solving Sales Price Problems
You are given the sale price and the percent that was saved and you need to come up with the original price. You should be creating models in order to prove that your answer is correct.
The following items were bought on sale. Complete the missing information in the table.
Hint: Fill in the percentages for Percent Saved or Percent Paid depending on what values are missing. We know that percent saved plus percent paid has to add up to 100%.

Problem Set
1. The Sparkling House Cleaning Company has cleaned 28 houses this week. If this number represents 40% of the total number of houses they are contracted to clean, how many total houses will the company clean by the end of the week?

2. Joshua delivered 30 hives to the local fruit farm. If the farmer has paid to use 5% of the total number of Joshua’s hives, how many hives does Joshua have in all?

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