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Silent Letters - h, k, w

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Learn about silent letters including H and K.
1. H is not pronounced when it comes after W
2. H is not pronounced at the beginning of some words.
3. K is not pronounced when it is followed by N in the beginning of a word.
Silent K Song
K n is for knock -- when you want to come inside
Kn is for kneepads -- for protection when you ride
K n is for knob -- to open up a door
K n is for kneel -- when your knees are on the floor
K n is for knight -- they sure looked rather grand
K n is for knuckles -- that you have on your hand
K n is for knot -- to tie up your shoe
K n is for knees -- everyone has two
K n is for knocker -- you'll find one on a door
K n is for knitting -- when you're making something warm
K n is for knife -- you use it with a fork
K n is for knapsack -- you can take one on a walk

Silent k - Phonics
knit, knock, knee, knob, knight, knuckle
Silent w - wr words - Phonics
write, wren, wreck
Words with the silent w making solely the r sound.

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