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Looking for free Shape Games online for kids and students? Scroll down the page to check out our collection of Free Shape Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the cool and fun shape math games you are looking for.

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The games are 2-D Shape Games, 3-D Shape Games, Fun Games with Shapes, Tangram Games and Tessellation Games. We have added more free shape games that can be played on PCs, Tablets, iPads and Mobiles.

Free Shape Games Online
2D-Shape Games 3D-Shape Games 2D & 3D-Shape Games
Fun Games with Shapes Tangram Online Tessellation Games

Shape Games Online

2D-Shape Games

Shape Invaders
Find various 2D shapes hidden in a picture.
Shape Patterns
Shape Patterns is a sequencing game where you need to complete the pattern of different coloured 2D shapes.
Shape Monsters
Shape Monsters is a fun, interactive 2D shapes game where children need to identify and match circles, rectangles, squares and triangles. Each Shape Monster only 'eats' shapes which match its own body shape.
2D Shapes Carroll Diagrams
Sort 2D shapes on Carroll diagrams. There are four levels of difficulty and sorting is by two variable criteria. Squares are classed as rectangles as they are special case rectangles.
Sort 2D Shapes on a Venn Diagram
Sort by one or two conditions. Sort triangles - scalene, equilateral and isosceles. Sort quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons, as well as parallelograms, rhombus, kites and trapeziums. Also sort according to a shapes properties such as acute, obtuse, reflex or right angles and symmetry or whether it is a regular shape.
Shapes Workshop
This fun workshop challenges students to create various shapes using the online geoboard. In play mode, it also allows students to build pictures using 2D shapes.
Shape Escape
Do you know the names of 2-D shapes and their properties? See if you know how many sides and vertices they have and if you can recognise correct lines of symmetry.
A 2D shapes adventure game where your mission is to plug the holes in the forcefield.
2D Shape Riddles
Click on the correct shape to solve the given riddle.

3D-Shape Games

3D Shapes Quiz
Match the name to the shape.
3D Shapes
Learn about different 3D shapes (kindergarten)
Sort 3D Shapes on a Venn Diagram
Use a Venn diagram to sort a variety of 3D shapes according to their properties, including: whether they are pyramids or prisms, the number of faces, edges and vertices and whether they have a curved surface.
Hidden Cubes
It's easy to count cubes when they are all right in front of you. But what if some are hiding? Can you count the hidden cubes, too?
Solid Shapes
Recognize 3D shapes
Identify Solids
Select the names and drop on the solids.
Cube Nets
There are exactly eleven nets that will form a cube. Which of the figures below can be folded into a cube?
Nets of 3D Shapes
Recognize the shape a given net can make, and the nets that can make a given 3D shape.

2D-Shape & 3D-Shape Games

Identifying Shapes
Planar and Solid Shapes: Select the correct shape. 2D and 3D
Shape Invaders
Help Hexagon man destroy the impostor 3D shapes by shooting his magic hexagons at them and save the world.
Shape Factory
You must organize products by shapes into their correct bins while they move down the conveyor belt. In between rounds, you'll have to prove you know corners, edges, and faces of various shapes to make sure the foreman trusts your shape skills! 2D and 3D shapes.
Shape Match
Monster Mansion Match - Shape Match is a fun educational game for kids to learn and practice 2D and 3D shapes. Click on the windows of the Monster Mansion to reveal the friendly monsters inside and match objects to shapes or objects to words.

Fun Games with Shapes

Shadow Matching
Move the object to match the shadow.
Fill the Figure
Fill the figure with the given shapes.
Shape Inlay
Drag the tiles to complete the shape.
Snap The Shape: Spring
In this colorful puzzle game your task is to fill different patterns with pieces. The pieces come in various sizes and forms - simply drag them to the board and find their correct positions to fill out the pattern completely.
Hooda Dissection
Slice the red shape. Remove as much as possible.
Jelly Slice
Slice the jelly so that there is only one star per slice.
Mixed World
Follow the instructions to knock off the red balls.
Fancy Diver
Help the diver reach the surface. Tap on a group of 3 or more same color blocks to remove them.
Move the rectangular prism to pick up all the tiles.

Tangram Online

Shape Puzzles
Complete the puzzles by matching the shapes and reveal each animal.
Tangram Puzzles
Can you make the picture on the left with the given puzzle pieces? Drag each piece to the puzzle board. Puzzle pieces can be rotated and flipped horizontally.
Tangram for Kids
Complete the puzzle by moving and rotating the seven shapes.
Tangram Builder
There are countless different shapes that can be created using the seven Tangram tiles. What can you come up with?
Virtual Tangrams
Ten different puzzles are included: see if you can solve then all.
Tangram Puzzles
Can you solve all 60 Tangram Puzzles? Drag the pieces to the correct spot and create a rectangle.
Tangram Game
Move the pieces to make the Tangram shape.
Tangram Online
Choose a puzzle and move the pieces to make the Tangram shape.

Tessellation Games

Shapes which tessellate can completely cover a surface without overlapping. Which shapes tessellate? Drag the shapes to arrange them on the canvas so that they don't leave any gaps and don't overlap. The options are polygons, pentominoes, 7-pin polys, pictures, creatures, bunnies and quiz.
Pattern Blocks
Have fun making your own shapes and tessellating patterns or see if you can complete the pattern puzzles.
Tessellation Creator
A useful resource for making tessellation patterns using regular polygons. What shapes tessellate? If shapes can be combined to make patterns that repeat and cover the plane, then they tessellate. What patterns can you find? Which of the shapes tessellate by themselves? Can you cover the plane with just triangles? just squares? just pentagons?
Pattern Shapes
Try making patterns, tessellations or pictures with shapes. Explore geometry and fractions or investigate symmetry.
Tessellation Town
Welcome to Tessellation Town, where the whole world is made of tessellations! Click and drag the puzzle pieces to build each part of the town.

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