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SAT Practice Test 2013 - 2014

Materials on this page relate to the SAT before March 2016 and some content may have been removed.

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Solutions to the SAT Practice Test 2013-2014 from College Board (Section 2 Questions 1 - 20)

SAT Math Practice Test 2014 - Section 2 #s 1-20
***Table of Contents***
0:12 : Question 1, When 70,000 is written as 7.0 * 10^n....
0:50 : Question 2, On a car trip Sam drove m miles, Kara drove....
1:35 : Question 3, If x and y are positive integers, what are all the solutions....
2:54 : *Question 3 alternate method* using a conceptual "samurai sword"! Slower but good to know for advanced problems using the same concepts.
5:08 : Question 4, A company's profit, P, in dollars, for producing x machines....
5:33 : The box, funnel, and gears explanation of functions.
7:50 : Question 5, 12-n, 12, 12+n What is the average (arithmetic mean) of....
8:12 : Question 6, In isosceles triangle ABC above, AM and CM are the angle bisectors....
8:48 : Explanation of basic angle notation.
9:50 : Definition of angle bisectors.
10:45 : Question 7, A fruit salad is made from pineapples, pears, and peaches mixed in the ratio of....
11:15 : Question 8, In the figure above, square RSTU is inscribed in the circle....
11:35 : Definition of a square inscribed in a circle....
12:35 : Question 9, If P and Q are two sets of numbers, and if every number....
12:47 : Explanation of set notation and logic using PINK SOCKS!
14:10 : Question 10, What is the maximum number of rectangular blocks measuring 3 inches by....
14:34 : How to draw a simple cube; a useful SAT skill.
14:59 : Projecting from 2 to 3 dimensions to solve 3D problems.
16:07 : Question 11, If a != 0 and 5/x = 5+a/x+a, what is the....
16:13 : When to use plug-and-chug and number invention.
18:06 : Question 12, The figure above is composed of 25 small triangles that are congruent and equilateral....
18:30 : On doing a lot of computations on the SAT math.
20:18 : Question 13, 3x+2y+2z=19 3x+y+z=14 If the equations above are true....
21:35 : How to solve an "impossible" system of linear equations.
22:18 : Question 14, A boat costs x dollars, and this cost is to be shared equally by a group....
22:55 : Question 15, If y=2x+3 and x is less than 2, which of the following represents...
24:20 : *Question 15 quick alternate solution* using a calculator trick.
25:21 : Question 16, The graphs of the functions f and g in the interval from....
25:37 : Explanation of expressing one variable in terms of another.
26:24 : Review of function transformations.
30:36 : *Question 16 ANSWER.*
30:58 : Explanation of how the SAT orders its questions in terms of difficulty.
31:29 : Question 17, In the figure above, a shaded polygon which has equal sides and equal angles is partially covered with a sheet....
32:22 : Measure of interior angles of any regular polygon.
35:40 : *Question 17 ANSWER.*
35:53 : *Question 17* alternate method using a pattern-finding strategy.
37:03 : Question 18, If s, t, u, and v are the coordinates of the indicated points....
37:42 : On estimating for the SAT.
40:38 : How best to conceptualize absolute value. What to beware of.
41:15 : Question 19, On the day of a rainstorm, the depth of the water at a certain location along the Winding River was....
41:44 : On the meaning of "squiggles" drawn on an axis.
43:20 : On tricky answer choices: underline the actual question!
44:05 : On "intuitively obvious wrong answers" and test prep guru Jen Dziura.
44:45 : Question 20, For all numbers a and b, let a circle b be defined by....
45:20 : On time budgeting for the SAT and "careless mistakes."
46:30 : On the best pencils for standardized tests.
46:52 : On Roman Numeral conditions.
49:44 : What to do when you find yourself doing a lot of computations for a problem.
51:50 : Overall SAT prep strategy

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