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Round Multi-digit Numbers in Real World Applications


Common Core Standards: 4.NBT.3

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Videos to help Grade 4 students learn to use place value understanding to round multi-digit numbers to any place value using real world applications.

New York State Common Core Math Module 1, Grade 4, Lesson 10

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 4 Lesson 10 Concept Development

Problem 1: Determine the best estimate to solve an application problem.
In the year 2012, there were 935,292 visitors to the White House.
Now, use this information to predict the number of White House maps needed for visitors in 2013.

Problem 2: Choose the unit of rounding to solve an application problem.
2,837 students attend Lincoln Elementary school.
How would you estimate the number of chairs needed in the school?

NYS Math Module 1 Grade 4 Lesson 10 Problem Set

1. Round 543,982 to the nearest
a. thousand: _________________
b. ten thousand: __________________
c. hundred thousand: __________________

2. Complete each statement by rounding the number to the given place value.
d. 6,299 rounded to the nearest thousand is _____________.
g. 40,984 rounded to the nearest ten thousand is _____________.
i. 997,010 rounded to the nearest ten thousand is ______________.

3. Empire Elementary School needs to purchase water bottles for field day. There are 2,142 students. Principal Vadar rounded to the nearest hundred to estimate how many water bottles to order. Will there be enough water bottles for everyone? Explain.

4. Opening day at the New York State Fair in 2012 had an attendance of 46,753. Decide which place value to round 46,753 to if you were writing a newspaper article. Round the number and explain why it is an appropriate unit to round the attendance to.

5. A jet air plane holds about 65,000 gallons of gas. It uses about 7,460 gallons when flying between New York City and Los Angeles. Round each number to the largest place value. Then find out about how many trips the plane can take between cities before running out of fuel?

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