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Rolling Motion

Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - An Introduction
The three basic angular rotational equations and their equivalence to the linear motions equations.
Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - Airplane Propeller
Calculate the angular velocity, the time it takes the propeller to turn through an angle of 150 degree, the tangential speed, and the linear distance the tip of the propeller travels in 1 second.
Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - Rotating Circular Table
Calculate the angular acceleration and final angular velocity or a rotating circular
Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - Turntable
Calculate the initial angular velocity of a turntable rotating with a constant angular acceleration.
Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - Pulsar
Calculate the force required to keep a person on the surface of a pulsar at the center of the Crab Nebular
Physics - Mechanics: Rotational Motion - Grinding Wheel
Calculate the total angular distance covered, the length of time it took to stop, and the acceleration when slowing down of a grinding wheel.

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