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Evaluate Reports based on Data

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Examples, solutions, videos, and lessons to help High School students learn how evaluate reports based on data.

Common Core: HSS-IC.B.6

Types of statistical studies
Appropriate statistical study example
Alma has developed a new kind of antibiotic. For the antibiotic to be sufficiently effective, it has to kill at least 90% of bacteria when applied to a harmful bacteria culture. She applied her antibiotic to a petri dish full of harmful bacteria, waited for it to take effect, and then tried to estimate the percentage of dead bacteria in it.
She took a random sample of 300 bacteria, and found that 94% of them were dead. Then, she calculated the margin of error and found that the true percentage of dead bacteria is most likely to be above 90%.

Correlation and Causality
Understanding why correlation does not imply causality

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