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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 5, lesson 10 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, module 5, lesson 10
Worksheets for Kindergarten, module 5, lesson 10

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to build a Rekenrek to 20.

Topic C: Decompose Numbers 11 to 20, and Count to Answer "How Many?" Questions in Varied Configurations

Lesson 10 Concept Development and Problem Set

Ms. Garcia is painting her fingernails. She has painted all the nails on her left hand except her thumb. How many more nails does she need to paint? How many will she have left to paint after she paints her left thumb? Draw a picture to help you.

1. Talk to your partner about what is the same and what is different about the number of your fingernails and the number of beads.
2. How many people do we need to have to have the same number of fingernails as is on your Rekenrek?
3. If the beads were purple and green, how many nails and beads would be purple and how many would be green?
4. What if you hide two hands? How many beads would you see?

Lesson 10 Homework

Color the number of fingernails and beads to match the number bond. Show by coloring 10 ones above and extra ones below. Fill in the number bonds.

Learning Goal

I can use a rekenrek to model numbers to 20.

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