Ratio Word Problems

Here are some examples of ratio word problems. These videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams, tape diagrams (Singapore Math) method to solve word problems.

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Ratio Word Problem Using Block Model

Solving a ratio word problem using block modeling.

Paul and Jason had some sweets in the ratio 6:1. Paul gave half of his sweets to Jason. What is the ratio of the number of sweets Paul had left to the number of sweets Jason had at the end?

Singapore Math Ratio - A PSLE Question

At first, the ratio of Sam’s savings to Ray’s savings was 5:4. After each of them donated $40 to charity, the ratio of Sam’s savings to Ray’s savings became 13:10. What was Sam’s savings at first?

Sixth Grade PSLE Math

Sum of an unchanged quantity with ratio and fraction.

Irene has a total of 1686 red, blue and green balloons for sale. The ratio of the number of red balloons to the number of blue balloons was 2:3. After Irene sold 3/4 of the blue balloons, 1/2 of the green balloons and none of the red balloons, she has 922 balloons left. How many blue balloons did Irene have at first?

PSLE Math Sum Grade Six

Sum of percentage and ratio where total remain same.

Mickey and Minnie shared a box of matches. If Mickey was given 10 fewer matches, Minnie would have 5 times as many matches as Mickey.
If Mickey was given 10 more matches, he would have 1/2 as many matches as Minnie.
What percentage of matches did Mickey receive?

There are 90 teddy bears in a shop yesterday. The ratio of teddy bears to toy cars was 6:11. After a wholesale order of a box of toy cars arrived at the shop, the ratio of the number of teddy bears to toy cars became 3:8. How many toy cars arrived in the box.

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