Ratio Word Problems

Here are some examples of addition and subtraction word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the bar model (Singapore Math) or tape diagram method to solve ratio word problems.

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Solving Ratio Problems Using A Tape Diagram

Things to Remember:

  1. Write your ratio as a fraction and label next to each part.
  2. Draw your boxes (connected or separated).
  3. Match the additional info. with the part of your ratio.
  4. Fill your boxes with the SAME number.
  5. Multiply (or skip count) to get your new parts.

Paige wanted to bake cookies for her teachers at school. She decided to make both sugar and chocolate chip cookies. For every 5 chocolate chip cookies, Paige baked 2 sugar cookies. If Paige baked 25 chocolate chip cookies, how many sugar cookies did she bake?

Ratios & Tape Diagrams


  1. Susan has a bag full or marbles. The rati of red to blue marbles is 6:5. If there are 54 red marbles, how many blue marbles are there?
  2. In Mr. Ragg’s BART train, the ratio of male to female passengers is 4:3. There are a total of 28 passengers. How many of them are female?

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