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Videos, games, activities and worksheets to help students with the PSAT writing section.

PSAT Writing: Parallelism or Parallel Structure
Learn how to identify parallel structure in a sentence for questions on the Writing section of the PSAT
PSAT Writing: Wordiness
Learn how to recognize redundancy in a sentence to answer question on the Writing section of the PSAT

PSAT Writing: Run-ons and Fragments
Learn how to correct run-on sentences by adding a semi-colon, making one clause of the sentence a dependent clause, or adding a FANBOYS conjunctions:
For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So
PSAT Writing: Identify the Issue
Learn the Kaplan Method for identifying the issue in multiple choice writing questions on the writing section of the PSAT

PSAT Writing: Reading Logic
Improving Paragraphs
Learn how to use reading comprehension skills to create logical paragraphs and logical passages to answer questions on the Writing section of the PSAT

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