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Here are some examples of Problem Sums. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method or Tape Diagrams (Common Core) to solve word problems. Go to Math Word Problems for more examples.

Singapore Math Problem Sums - Whole Number - Comparison Model
Anna and Lucas had the same amount of savings initially. After Lucas received $360 from his uncle, he has four times as much savings as Anna. How much savings had Lucas at first?
Nick and John had a total of $3800 when they went to shop for laptops. After Nick spent $200 on a laptop, John had thrice as much money as Nick. Find the difference in the initial amount of money both had brought with them for their shopping trip.
When a certain pot is filled with cream of mushroom soup, it weighs 18 kg. When it is filled with clear chicken broth, it weighs 9 kg. If the cream of mushroom soup is 3 times as heavy as the clear chicken broth, how heavy is the pot?
Stacey spent $356 on a dress, a blouse and a skirt. If the dress cost $35 more than the blouse and the blouse cost $18 less than the skirt, how much did she pay for each item?
Joshua, William and Ryan spent a total of $486. Joshua spent twice as much money as Ryan. William spent three times as much money as Joshua. How much money did William spend than Joshua?

Singapore Math Problem Sums - Algebra
Lucy had 3m more apples than oranges. She gave away 9m apples and was left with 2/5 as many apples as oranges. How many oranges did Lucy have?
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Area
A right-angles triangle, a quadrant and a semicircle are drawn in a rectangle as shown. The diameter of the semicircle is 14 cm. Find the total area of the shaded parts.
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Geometry
In the following figure, CDEF is a straight line. ∠GDH and ∠EFG are right angles. ∠CDH = 63° and ∠FEG = 58°. Find ∠DGE.
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Percentage
An amount of money was shared between Beverly and Candice. Beverly received 64% of the money if she gives $28 to Candice, both of them will have the same amount of money. How much money did Beverly receive?
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Ratio
There are 78 guests at a party. The ratio of the number of men to women is 8:5. When 10 more women join the party, what is the new ratio of the number of women to the number of guests at a party?
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Speed
Claire and Shirley went cycling. Claire cycled at a speed of 30 km/h while Shirley cycled at a speed of 42 km/h. If Claire started off 40 min earlier than Shirley, how long did Shirley take to catch up to her? Give your answer in hours and minutes.
Singapore Math Problem Sums - Whole Number
There is an equal number of marbles in 7 identical jars. If all the marbles in 3 of the jars are taken out and distributed equally into the rest of the jars, these jars will have 12 more marbles each. What is the total number of marbles in the 7 jars?

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