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Multiplication and Division Word Problems

Here are some examples of multiplication and division word problems. The videos will illustrate how to use the block diagrams (Singapore Math) method to solve word problems. Go to Math Word Problems for more examples.

The following diagram shows how to use bar models for multiplication and division. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions on using the multiplication and division part-whole model.

Multiplication Division Model

Division Bar Modeling
1. A baker made 72 muffins. He places 8 baskets on the counter. How many muffins will the baker put in each basket?
2. A girls has 56 stickers. She put 4 stickers on each page of her sticker book. How many pages does she have in her sticker book?
Model (Division) with Bar Model
A bar model helps us understand how to express division.

Problem Solving - Multiplication Bar Model
1. Three groups of students are taking fishing lessons. There are 8 students in each group. How many students are taking lessons in all?
2. 12 students in Mrs. Vegas' class want to start a band. Seven made a guitar each. The rest made two bongos each. How many bongos were made in total?
Bar model word problem
Matthew has 84 pencils. He has 4 times as many as Tom. How many pencils do they have in all?

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