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Probability and Expected Values

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Common Core (Statistics & Probability)
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Examples, solutions, videos and lessons to help High School students learn how to weigh the possible outcomes of a decision by assigning probabilities to payoff values and finding expected values.

A. Find the expected payoff for a game of chance. For example, find the expected winnings from a state lottery ticket or a game at a fast-food restaurant.

B. Evaluate and compare strategies on the basis of expected values. For example, compare a high-deductible versus a low-deductible automobile insurance policy using various, but reasonable, chances of having a minor or a major accident.

Common Core: HSS-MD.A.5

Expected Value
This video shows the formula of expected value, and compute the expected value of a game. The final answer represents the net transaction to you!! It means you can expect to be $0.875 richer than before you played the game, on average.

Probability: Expected Value
This lesson defines expected value and provided two examples of how to find expected value of an event.
Probability Expected Value lesson Statistics and Probability: Expected Value and Probability
Demonstrating the solution to a conventional probability exercise.

Expected Value
How to calculate the expected value of an event? Conditional probability and expected values.

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