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Place Values in Decimals

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Common Core For Grade 5

Videos and solutions to help Grade 5 students learn how to reason abstractly using place value understanding to relate adjacent base ten units from millions to thousandths.

Common Core Standards: 5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2, 5.MD.1

The following table shows the place value chart for decimals. Scroll down the page for examples and solutions.

Place Value Chart Decimals

New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 1, Lesson 2

NYS Grade 5 Lesson 2 Concept Development

Problems 1–4
367 × 10
367 ÷ 10
4,367 × 10
4,367 ÷ 10

Problems 5–8
215.6 × 100
215.6 ÷ 100
3.7 × 100
3.7 ÷ 100 Lesson 2 Exit Ticket

1. Solve.
a. 32.1 x 10 = __________
b. 3632.1 ÷ 10 = ________

2. Solve.
a. 455 x 1000 = _________
b. 455 ÷ 1000 = ___________

Lesson 2 Homework

This video demonstrates the use of a place value chart to multiply and divide base ten units. 1. Solve.
a. 36,000 x 10 = _______
b. 36,000 ÷ 10 = ________
Lesson 2 Homework

4. Ted says that 3 tenths multiplied by 100 equal 300 thousandths. Is he correct? Use a place value chart to explain your answer.
5. Alaska has a land area of about 1,700,000 km2. Florida has a land area 1/10 the size of Alaska. What is the land area of Florida? Explain how you found your answer. When multiplying, you shift the digits to the left.
When dividing, you shift the digits to the right.
Remember that when multiplying, your answer should get larger and when dividing, your answer should get smaller.

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