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Percentage Word Problems: Examples

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn about percentage word problems in Singapore Math.

Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Percentage, Word Problem Q5
Word problem on percentage involving basic banking principles; explanation made easy through the use of models.
Jay took a personal loan of $12,000 from a bank for a year at an annual interest rate of 16%. How much interest did he pay per month on the loan?
Singapore Maths: Primary 5 - Percentage, Word Problem Q6
Word problem on percentage dealing with measurement (length). Problem solving made easy through the use of models.
In a family relay race of 10 km, the father ran 35% of the distance, the mother ran 35% of the distance, and each of the 2 children ran half of the remaining distance. What was the distance run by each child?

Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Percentage, Word Problem Q7
Word problem on percentage to reinforce the concept of converting a percentage to fraction. Problem solved using models.
An amusement park received 4800 visitors over a weekend. If 60% of the visitors came on Saturday, how many visitors came on Sunday? Also, express your answer as a fraction of the total number of visitors. Singapore Math: Primary 5 - Percentage, Word Problem Q8
Word problem on percentage explained using models.
Nina earns a monthly salary of $3700. She spent 35% of it on housing, 20% on food and 30% on other expenses. If she saves the rest, how much money does she save? Topical Assessment: Percentage Question 30
After Margaret had given 10% of her stamps to Jane, Jane's collection of stamps increased by 25%. If Jane had 120 stamps at first, how many stamps did Margaret have at first? Topical Assessment: Percentage Question 34
60% of the fruits were apples while the rest wee oranges and pears. 30% of the oranges and pears were pears. There were 48 fewer oranges than apples. How many fruits were there altogether?

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