Percent Games and Worksheets

Our directory of Percent Games available on the Internet: Percentage Games, Percents Worksheets, Percent Quiz, Percent of a number, Interest, Discount, and Sale Price. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.

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Percent or Percentage Games

Free Percent Games Online
Percent & Money Games Percent of a Number Percent Word Problem Games
Fraction, Decimal & Percent Games Percent Worksheets Math Worksheets

Percent & Money Games

Penguin Waiter
The game will show you your dinner bill and the percent tip you should leave. You must calculate the correct tip to leave the penguin waiter.
Math Quiz
Find Percent, Interest, Discount, Sale Price
Money & Price List
Calculate the cost from the given price list
Price List Game
Calculate the cost from the given price list
Unit Price Game
Are you getting value for money? It is a good way of comparing costs. To help you become expert at calculating Unit Prices we have this game for you.
Percentage Game
Click on the cells to change the color. Color the percentage and submit.

Percent of a Number

Try to calculate the given percent of each value.
Bin, Bing, Bingo
Find the percent of a number. How long will it take to make 5 in a row?
Percentage Practice Zone
Find the percentage of a number.

Percent Word Problem Games

Percents of Numbers
Solve percents of numbers word problems.
Percent Problems
One-player or two-player Jeopardy type game.
Percent Word Problems
Solve percent word problems.
Percent Word Problem Quiz
Test your skills in solving percent word problems.

Fraction, Decimal & Percent Games

Fraction/Decimal/Percent Jeopardy
Challenging game to interchange forms of numbers from fractions, decimal, and percents.
Match fractions, decimals, and percentages
A matching game which can help you to recognise equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages.
Understanding Percent
Fill in the missing value. Your answer will be a fraction, a decimal or a percent.
Pecking Order
Pecking Order is an educational game for kids to practice number values with fractions, percents, and decimals. The object of the game is to arrange the different birds from least to greatest on a number line as quickly as possible without making mistakes.
Playground Percentages
Use your knowledge of fractions and percentages to design a new school.
Fraction Percentage Snap
This is a game for two players, P and Q. As the cards appear, if they are a matching pair there is a race to say 'snap' and to press the p or q key.

Percent Worksheets

Changing Percents to Decimals and Fractions
Changing Percents to Fractions in Lowest Terms
Changing Percents to Fractions
Changing Fractions to Percents
Changing Fractions to Percents
Changing Decimals to Percents
Percentages (What is X% of Y)
Percentages (X is what % of Y)
Percentages (X is Y% of what)
Percent of a Number
Finding Percent
Finding the Base
Percent Word Problems (Part 1)
Percent Word Problems (Part 2)
Percent Word Problems Increase and Decrease
Percent Word Problems Profit and Loss

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