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Partition Line Segment into Given Ratio

Videos and lessons to help High School students learn how to find the point on a directed line segment between two given points that partitions the segment in a given ratio.

Common Core: HSG-GPE.B.6

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Dividing a Line Segment into Equal Parts
Using a compass and straight edge to divide a line segment into equal (congruent) parts.

Construction 6 & 7 - Division of a Line Segment
Construction 6 shows the division of a line segment into two or three equal parts.
Construction 7 involves dividing a line segment into any number of equal parts.
Both constructions can be carried out in the same manner. Essentially to divide a line segment into a given number of equal segments, mark off this number of equal distances along a ray drawn from the start of the given line segment. Also note an alternative method of dividing a line segment into two equal parts is to construct the perpendicular bisector of the line.

Divide a Line into Equal Parts
Divide a line of a given length into any number of sections. A divider can be substituted for the ruler.

To Divide a Line Segment In a Given Ratio.

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