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Oscillatory Motion

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In this lesson, we will learn

  • how to use Hooke's Law
  • how to calculate the potential energy of a spring
  • about pendulum motion
  • about resonance

Hooke's Law

Hooke's Law is used to determine the restorative force or the amount of elasticity. Larger distortion would result in a larger force. Hooke's Law is expressed in the equation F = - k(x), in which k is the spring constant and x is the displacement.
Understanding Hooke's Law
A brief overview of springs, Hooke's Law, and elastic potential energy for algebra-based physics students.

Spring Potential Energy

Spring potential energy is the store energy that drives the restoring force described in Hooks Law. Other than Hooks Law, the equation for the potential energy function, U=(1/2)kx2, is essentially used when determining the spring potential energy.
Understanding the spring potential law.
Work needed to compress a spring is the same thing as the potential energy stored in the compressed spring.

Pendulum Motion

Pendulum motion basically depicts the motion of a mass hanging from a string that moves back and forth. The variables in pendulum motion are the mass, the length of the string, and the location, which is measured by an angle. Forces acting on the mass in pendulum motion are tension and gravity. The force that is perpendicular to tension is expressed in the formula, F = m × g × sine of the angle.

Understanding the motion of pendulum.
Pendulum motion for high school Physics


Resonance is the forced motion in tune with the nature oscillation frequency of a system, which is called the resonant frequency. Resonance is created when the pushing the system in the right direction that increases its amplitude. Every object has its own resonance.
Understanding resonance in motion.
Wave Resonance

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