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Ordered Pairs

Videos and solutions to help Grade 6 students understand ordered pairs and how to locate ordered pairs on the coordinate plane.

New York State Common Core Math Grade 6, Module 3, Lesson 14

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Lesson 14 Student Outcomes

Students use ordered pairs to name points in a grid and to locate points on a map.
Students identify the first number in an ordered pair as the first coordinate and the second number as the second coordinate.

Lesson 14 Summary

• The order of numbers in an ordered pair is important because the ordered pair should describe one location in the coordinate plane.
• The first number (called the first coordinate) describes a location using the horizontal direction.
• The second number (called the second coordinate) describes a location using the vertical direction.

Lesson 14 Opening Exercise

Example 1
The first number of an ordered pair is called the ______.
The second number of an ordered pair is called the ______.

Example 2: Using Ordered Pairs to Name Locations
Describe how the ordered pair is being used in your scenario. Indicate what defines the first coordinate and what defines the second coordinate in your scenario.

Exercises 1ֲ
For Exercises 1 and 2, the first coordinates of the ordered pairs represent the numbers on the line labeled and the second coordinates represent the numbers on the line labeled .
1. Name the letter from the grid that corresponds with each ordered pair of numbers below.
a. (1, 4)
b. (4, 1)
c. (5, -2)
d. (2, -1)
e. (0, 5)
f. (8.5, 8)
g. (5, 4.2)
h. (0, 9)

2. List the ordered pair of numbers that corresponds with each letter from the grid below.
a. Point M
b. Point N
c. Point P
d. Point Q
e. Point R
f. Point S
g. Point T
h. Point U
i. Point V

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