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Order Decimals Worksheets

In these free math worksheets, students practice how to order decimals and solve some decimal word problems.

How to order decimals?
Ordering decimals is a process of arranging decimal numbers in ascending (smallest to largest) or descending order (largest to smallest) based on their values.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to order decimals in ascending order:

  1. Start by looking at the whole number part of the decimal numbers. If they have different whole number parts, the decimal number with the smaller whole number part comes first in the order.
  2. If the whole number parts are the same, compare the decimal parts from left to right. Begin with the digit in the tenths place, then hundredths, thousandths, and so on. The decimal number with the smaller digit in the leftmost non-equal place value is smaller and comes first in the order.

Here’s an example:
Order the following decimals in ascending order: 0.25, 0.5, 0.17, 0.45, 0.23.

Compare whole number parts: All whole number parts are 0, so move to the decimal parts. Compare decimal parts: Order the numbers according to the digits in the tenths place. If there are any numbers with the same digit in the tenths place then look at the hundredths place and so on.

The decimals in ascending order are: 0.17, 0.23, 0.25, 0.45, 0.5.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to order decimals.

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Order Decimals Worksheet

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Order Decimals Worksheet
(Answers on the second page.)

Compare Decimals Word Problems

  1. Terry completes the race in 12.35 seconds, Tom completes it in 12.05 seconds, and their friend Michael finishes in 12.15 seconds. Who finished the race first and who finished last?

  2. A car traveled 28.6 miles, 28.45 miles, and 28.55 miles on three different days. What is the order of the distances traveled from least to greatest?

  3. In a paper airplane contest, Jennifer’s plane travels 3.345 meters. Salvador’s plane travels 3.35 meters. Marcel’s plane travels 3.3 meters. Based on the measurements, whose plane traveled the farthest distance? Whose plane traveled the shortest distance?

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      Salvador’s plane traveled the farthest and Marcel’s plane the shortest.

Lesson on Ordering Decimals

Comparing Decimals

Compare Decimals (to tenths)
Compare Decimals (to hundredths)
Compare Decimals (to thousandths)

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