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Writing and interpreting numerical expressions

Videos and solutions to help grade 5 students learn how to write, interpret, and evaluate numerical expressions.

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New York State Common Core Math Grade 5, Module 6, Lesson 26, Lesson 27

Lesson 26 Homework

1. For each written phrase, write a numerical expression, and then evaluate your expression.
a. Forty times the sum of forty-three and fifty-seven
Numerical expression:

b. Divide the difference between one thousand, three hundred, and nine hundred fifty by four
Numerical expression:

c. Seven times the quotient of five and seven and three-twelfths
Numerical expression:

d. One-fourth the difference of four-sixths
Numerical expression:

2. Write at least 2 numerical expressions for each written phrase below. Then solve.
a. Three fifths of seven
b. One-sixth the product of four and eight

3. Use <, >, or = to make true number sentences without calculating. Explain your thinking.
a. 4 tenths + 3 tens + 1 thousandth ____ 30.41
b. (5 × 1/10) + (7 × 1/1000) ____ 0.507
c. 8 × 7.20 ___ 8 × 4.36 + 8 × 5.59 Lesson 27 Homework

1. Use the RDW process to solve the word problems below.
a. There are 36 students in Mr. Meyer’s class. Of those students, 5/12 played tag at recess, 1/3 played kickball, and the rest played basketball. How many students in Mr. Meyer’s class played basketball?

b. Julie brought 24 apples to school to share with her classmates. Of those apples, 2/3 are red and the rest are green. Julie’s classmates ate 3/4 of the red apples and 1/2 of the green apples. How many apples are left?

2. Write and solve a word problem for each expression in the chart below.

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