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Number Bonds to 10

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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 4, lesson 28 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, module 4, lesson 28
Worksheets for Kindergarten, module 4, lesson 28

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to model decompositions of 10 using fingers, sets, linking cubes, and number bonds.

Topic E: Decompositions of 9 and 10 into Number Pairs

Lesson 28 Concept Development and Problem Set

Use your clay to make 10 tiny grapes. With your marker, draw a pretty plate on your board. Now, put some of the grapes on the plate.
How many grapes do you have in all? How many grapes are on the plate? How many are not on the plate?
Draw a number bond about your work and talk about it with your partner. Did she do it in the same way?
Take the grapes off and try it again!

Look at the linking cube sticks. Draw a line from the cube sticks to the number bond that matches. Fill in the number bond if it is not complete.
Draw and color cube sticks to match the number bonds.
Create your own 10-cube stick and fill in the number bond..

1. How did you know which number bond to match with which linking cube stick in your Problem Set?
2. What did you think about when you had to draw your own linking cube sticks? How is what we did today like what we did yesterday with our bracelets?
3. How are your fingers like number bonds of 10?
4. How can you show 6 and 4 as partners of 10 on your fingers? Is 6 a part or a whole? (Part.) What is the other part? What is the whole?

Lesson 28 Homework

Write a number bond to match the domino.
Color 5 beads blue and the rest green. Make a number bond to match.

On the back of your paper, draw one of the dominoes and a blank number bond. Pretend you are the teacher and ask an adult at home to fill it in.

Learning Goal

I can model decomposing 10.

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