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There are three sets of polynomial worksheets:

Examples, solutions, videos, and worksheets to help Grade 7 and Grade 8 students learn how to multiply polynomials.

How to multiply polynomials?

There are five sets of multiplying polynomials worksheets.

  • Multiply Monomials & Binomials
  • Multiply Monomials & Polynomials
  • Multiply Binomials
  • Squaring Binomials
  • Multiply Polynomials

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to multiply polynomials:

Multiplying polynomials involves applying the distributive property and combining like terms to simplify the expression. To multiply two polynomials, follow these steps:

  1. Write the two polynomials side by side.
  2. Apply the Distributive Property: Distribute the terms of the first polynomial across the terms of the second polynomial by multiplying each term in the first polynomial by each term in the second polynomial.
  3. Combine Like Terms: After distributing, combine like terms by adding or subtracting coefficients with the same variables and exponents.

Let’s work through an example to illustrate these steps:

Example: Multiply (2x + 3) and (x - 4).

  1. Write down the polynomials side by side:
    (2x + 3)(x - 4)
  2. Apply the distributive property:
    (2x)(x) + (2x)(-4) + (3)(x) + (3)(-4)
  3. Multiply the terms:
    2x2 - 8x + 3x - 12
  4. Combine like terms:
    2x2 - 5x - 12

So, the product of (2x + 3) and (x - 4) is 2x2 - 5x - 12.

Remember that practice is key to mastering polynomial multiplication. It’s important to carefully distribute and combine terms to simplify the expression correctly.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to multiply monomials & binomials.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to multiply polynomials.

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