Multiplication Word Problems (1-step word problems)

These lessons look at some examples of multiplication word problems that can be solved in one step. We will illustrate how block models (tape diagrams) are used in the Singapore math approach to help you to visualize the multiplication word problems in terms of the information given and the answer that needs to be found.

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A chair costs $12. What is the cost of 3 such chairs?

multiplication problem

12 × 3 = 36

Answer: The cost of 3 such chairs is $36.

Nick delivers 405 newspapers in a day. How many newspapers does he deliver in 5 days?

multiplication problem

405 × 5 = 2025

Answer: He delivered 2025 newspapers in 5 days.

Multiplication Model Drawing

Lu has 3 plates of cupcakes. There are 4 cupcakes on each plate. How many cupcakes does Lu have altogether?


  1. A store owner was buying uniforms for his employees. If each of his three stores needed eight uniforms how many uniforms would he need?

  2. John bought two boxes of books at a yard sale. If each box had five books how many books did he buy?

  3. An employee at a construction site earns $8 an hour. If he works eight hours in one week, how much money would he have earned?

  4. A pet store sold five gerbils in one week. If each of the gerbils cost eight dollars, how much money would they have made?

How to read and solve some multiplication word problems (suitable for grade 3)?


  1. Maggie is collecting stones by the river. When she is done she finds that only 5 stones can fit in the bag. She fills up four bags. How many stones does she have altogether?

  2. Hector has 8 chocolate chip cookies. Each cookie has exactly 4 chocolate chips in it. How many chocolate chips does Hector have in total?

  3. Sara goes to a dog park. She counts 10 dogs at a park. If she wanted to calculate how many dog legs there were at the park, what would be the number sentence? What would be the answer?

How to solve a 3rd Grade Multiplication Word Problem with a Tape Diagram?

Scoop cuts 9 pieces of wrapping paper. Each piece of wrapping paper is 7 cm long. What is the total length of the pieces of wrapping paper that Scoop cuts?

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