Multiplication Word Problems

In these lessons, we will learn to solve math word problems that involve multiplication.

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Here are more examples of multiplication word problems. These videos illustrate how block models (tape diagrams) are used in the Singapore math approach to help you to visualize the multiplication word problems in terms of the information given and the answer that needs to be found.

Singapore Math - Basic Multiplication Using Block Models (Tape Diagrams)

This video shows how to use Block Diagrams or Tape Diagrams to model and solve a basic 3rd Grade multiplication word problem.
Scoop brings 3 water jugs to the park to share with her friends. Each jug contains 6 liters of water. How any liters of water does Scoop brings?

Singapore Math - Multiplication

This video shows how to use Tape Diagrams for Multiplication.

  1. Santiago’s class went on a trip. They wen on 5 cars. Each car carried 6 students, with 1 adult driving. How many students went on the trip?
  2. Amber’s class went on a trip. They went in 4 cars. Each car carried 8 students, with 1 adult driving. How many students went on the trip?
  3. Mrs. Garcia makes 6 bracelets. Each bracelet uses 10 beads. How many beads did Mrs. Gracia use in all?
  4. Ana makes 3 bracelets. Each bracelet uses 9 beads. How many beads does Ana use in all?
  5. Shvraj has 2 pencils. Jovanni has 4 times as many. How many pencils does Jovanni have?

Singapore Math - More Difficult Multiplication Problems

This video shows how to use Bar Models to model and solve a more challenging word problem in which two or more amounts are compared. (Comparison Model)

  1. Ash had three times as many Pokemon keychains as Thomas. Angela had 15 less Pokemon keychains than Ash. If the three keychains had a total of 195 Pokemon keychains, how many Pokemon keychains did Angela have?
  2. Shawn and Derrick had some erasers. Shawn had 5 times as many erasers as Derrick. After Shawn gave 24 erasers to Derrick, both of them had an equal number of erasers. How many erasers did both of them have altogether?
  3. Spidey and Tony had an equal number of lollipops. After Spidey gave away 70 lollipops and Tony gave away 174 lollipops, Spidey had three times as many lollipops as Tony. How many lollipops did Spidey and Tony each have at first?

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