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Modeling with Trigonometric Functions

Videos and lessons to help High School students learn how to choose trigonometric functions to model periodic phenomena with specified amplitude, frequency, and midline.

Common Core: HSF-TF.A.5

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Common Core (Functions)

Common Core for Mathematics

Modeling with Trigonometric Functions F.TF.5
Examples of using trigonometric functions to model periodic situations: Harmonic Motion, Sound Wave Motion, Electrical Current, Economics.
Ex: Model Daily Temperatures Using a Trig Function
This video explains how to model daily temperatures using a sinusoidal function given the daily low and high temperature.

Ferris Wheel Trigonometry Problem
This video explains how to determine the equation that models the height of person on a Ferris wheel. With the equation, the height is determined and the times are determined when a person is at a specific height.
Modeling with Trig Functions.

Modeling with Trig functions
This video describes how to create a sin/cos function based on information given about a scenario. It reviews finding amplitude, vertical shift, identifying sin/cos and finding period.
Solving Trigonometric Modeling Problems
This screencast demonstrates how to solve a trigonometric modeling problem involving temperature.

Sinusoidal Functions as Mathematical Models
A real world example of building a sinusoidal model.
Modelling with Trig Functions.

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