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Math Mnemonics and Songs For Algebra

A collection of math mnemonics for algebra - to help you to remember various math facts, formulas and figures for algebra.

In this lesson, we will have mnemonics and songs to help you remember

  • how to solve one-step equations
  • rules of exponents
  • the Simple Interest formula
  • the distance formula
  • the speed, distance, time and the acceleration formulas
  • the slope-intercept form of linear equation
  • how to multiply binomials - FOIL
  • a word problem solving strategy
  • the quadratic formula

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How to solve one-step equations?

A song to teach you how to solve one-step equations.
Doing the inverse or the opposite
whatever you do on one side you gotta copy it.
solving for x or whatever the letter
listen to me and your skills will get better

What are the rules of exponents?

A song to teach you the exponent rules.
When you multiply numbers, exponents that have the same base, you add the exponents and keep the same base.
When you divide numbers with exponents that have the same base you subtract the exponents and keep the same base.
When you take an exponent of an exponent, you multiply the exponents.
When you see a negative exponent just put one over that number with a positive exponent.
When you multiply, add the exponents.
When you divide, subtract the exponents.
For an exponent of an exponent, you multiply.
For a negative exponent, take one over the positive.

Simple Interest Formula

Interest = principle × rate × time
I = prt
read as “I am pretty ”

Distance Formula

Distance = rate × time
d = rt
remember as dirt

Speed, Distance and Time
Remember the formula triangle

D = distance traveled
S = Average speed
T = Time taken

You can use the formula triangle in the following way:
If you need to find D, cover up D in the triangle and you get S × T

If you need to find S, cover up S in the triangle and you get

If you need to find T, cover up T in the triangle and you get

The following video shows how to use the average speed pyramid or triangle and the acceleration triangle.

Linear Equations (Slope-Intercept Form)
Begin, Move: the use of m and b in y = mx + b

To graph such a line equation, begin at the value of b, then move according to the value (slope) of m.

This is the video form of a mnemonic (memory) device It can help students learn the important aspects of the slope-intercept (y = mx+b) form of linear equations.

Multiplying Binomials

Multiply the terms of two binomials in this order.
For example (x- 2)(x + 1),
FOIL: First, Outside, Inside, Last. FOIL Song "First, Outer, Inner, Last" describes the method of F.O.I.L. used to multiply binomials or to factor trinomials. This song will help you to remember the strategy as well as multiple examples to how it's used.

Word-Problem Solving Strategy

Search the word problem.
Translate the words into an equation.
Answer the problem.
Review the solution.

Quadratic Formula

A song to remember the quadratic formula sung to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel"

x equals negative B
Plus or minus square root
of B squared minus four A C
All over two A.

Here is the quadratic formula song in video. An easy way to remember the formula.

Here is another version of the song to help you learn the quadratic formula and how to use it to solve quadratic equations.

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