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NYS Common Core Grade 4, Module 2, Lesson 5

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 4 students learn how to use addition and subtraction to solve multi-step word problems involving length, mass, and capacity.

Common Core Standards: 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2

Grade 4, Module 2, Lesson 5, Problem Set

Directions: Solve. Model the problems using a tape diagram. Answer with a statement.

  1. The potatoes Beth bought weighed 3 kilograms 420 grams. Her onions weighed 1,050 grams less than the potatoes. How much did the potatoes and onions weigh altogether?
  2. Adele let out 18 m 46 cm of string to fly her kite. She then let out 13 m 78 cm more before reeling back in 5 m 90 cm. How long was her string after reeling it in?
  3. Shyan’s barrel contained 6 liters 775 milliliters of paint. She poured in 1 liter 118 milliliters more. The first day Shyan used 2 liters 125 milliliters of the paint. After the second day, there were 1,769 milliliters of paint remaining in the barrel. How much paint did Shyan use on the second day?
  4. On Thursday, the pizzeria used 2 kilograms 180 grams less flour than they used on Friday. On Friday, they used 12 kilograms 240 grams. On Saturday, they used 1 kilogram 888 grams more than on Friday. What was the total amount of flour used over the three days?
  5. Zachary’s car holds 60 liters of gas. When he had 2,050 milliliters of gas left, he added 23 liters 825 milliliters gas. How much more gas can Zachary add to his car?
  6. A giraffe was 5 m 20 cm tall. An elephant was 1 m 77 cm shorter than the giraffe. A rhinoceros was 1 m 58 cm shorter than the elephant. How tall was the rhinoceros?

Grade 4, Module 2, Lesson 5, Exit Ticket

Use a tape diagram to model and solve the problems below.

  1. Jeff places a pineapple with a mass of 890 grams on a balance scale. He balances the scale by placing two oranges, an apple, and a lemon on the other side. Each orange weighs 280 grams. The lemon weighs 195 grams less than each orange. What is the mass of the apple?

Grade 4, Module 2, Lesson 5, Homework

Directions: Solve. Model the problems using a tape diagram. Answer with a statement.

  1. Jose’s vase can hold up to 2,419 milliliters of water. He poured 1 liter 299 milliliters of water into the empty vase. Then he added 398 milliliters. How much more water will the vase hold?
  2. Eric biked 1 km 125 m on Monday. On Tuesday, he biked 375 m less than on Monday. How far did he bike both days?
  3. Zachary weighs 37 kilograms 95 grams. Gabe weighs 4,650 grams less than Zachary. Harry weighs 2,905 grams less than Gabe. How much does Harry weigh?
  4. A Springer Spaniel weighs 20 kilograms 490 grams. A Cocker Spaniel weighs 7,590 grams less than a Springer Spaniel. A Newfoundland weighs 52 kilograms 656 grams more than a Cocker Spaniel. What is the weight difference, in grams, between the Newfoundland and the Springer Spaniel?
  5. Marsha has three rugs. The first rug is 2 m 87 cm long. The second rug has a length 98 cm less than the first. The third rug is 111 cm longer than the second rug. What is the difference in centimeters between the length of the first rug and third rug?
  6. One barrel held 60 liters 868 milliliters of sap. A second barrel held 20,089 milliliters more sap than the first. A third barrel held 40 liters 82 milliliters less sap than the second. If the sap from the three barrels was poured into a larger container, how much sap was there in all?

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