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Measures of Central Tendency

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Videos, examples, solutions, and worksheets to help Grade 6 students learn measures of central tendency.

What are the Measures of Central Tendency?
Some examples of Measures of Central Tendency are mean, median and mode.

What is the mean?
The mean is the average. To calculate the mean or average of a group of numbers, first add all the numbers, then, divide by the number of values. The mean or average is the most common measure to describe the center of a frequency distribution. The mean is influenced by all data in a study. For this reason, it works best for symmetrical distributions of data where there are no outliers or extremes.

What is the median?
The Median is the value in the middle of a set of data. If there is an even number of values then divide the two numbers in the middle by 2.

What is the Mode?
The Mode is the most frequent value, number or category in a set of data.

Measures of Central Tendency
Learn about measures of central of tendency Describe a Data Set
Learn to describe a data set
1) The daily snowfall amounts for the first ten days of December are listed below:
5 in., 0 in., 2 in., 0 in., 1 in., 15 in., 0 in., 4 in., 3 in., 1 in.
Which among the mean, median, and mode, best describe the data set?

2) The circle graph shows the results of a survey to find people's favorite color.
Which among the mean, median, and mode, best describe the data set represented by the circle graph?
Statistical Landmarks
Learn about measures of central of tendency and statistical landmarks
Here are the math quiz scores (number correct) for 16 students:
a) Find these landmarks for the data.
Maximum; Minimum; Range; Mode
b) What is the mean and the median for the data?

Mean, Median, and Mode - Applications
Learn to apply mean, median, and mode to real life problems
a) There were 29 books on the first shelf, 41 books on the second shelf, and 23 books on the third shelf. Mary rearranged the books so that there were the same number of books on each shelf. After Mary rearranged the books, how many were on the first shelf?

b) On an exam, two students scored 60, five students scored 90, four students scored 75, and two students scored 81. If the answer is 90, what is being asked in the question (mean, median, mode, or range)?
Effect of Outliers on Mean, Median, and Mode
Understand the effect of outliers on mean, median, and mode

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