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Measurement Word Problems

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Examples, solutions, and videos to help Grade 5 students learn how to solve two-step word problems involving measurement and multi-digit multiplication.

Common Core Standards: 5.NBT.5, 5.NBT.7, 5.MD.1, 5.NBT.1, 5.NBT.2

New York State Common Core Math Grade 5 Module 2, Lesson 15
Worksheets for Grade 5

The following figure shows how to solve a two-step measurement conversion word problem. Scroll down the page for more examples and solutions.

Measurement Conversion Word Problem

Lesson 15 Concept Development
Problem 1
Liza’s cat had six kittens! When Liza and her brother weigh all the kittens together, they weigh 4 pounds 2 ounces. Since all the kittens are about the same size, how many ounces does each kitten weigh?

Problem 2
Holly is buying orange juice for the class party. There are 24 people coming, and she figures each person will drink 1.75 cups.
a. How many fluid ounces of juice will she need?
b. If she buys five 59-ounce containers, will she have enough juice?

Lesson 15 Problem Set

3. Josie is 1.4 m tall. Her sister is 54 cm shorter.
a. Find Josie's sister's height in meters. Lesson 15 Homework

1. Tia cut a 4 meters 8 centimeters wire into 10 equal pieces. Marta cut a 540 centimeters wire into 9 equal pieces. How much longer is one of Marta's wire than one of Tia's?

2. Jay needs 19 quarts more paint for the outside of his barn than for the inside.
If he uses 107 quarts in all, how many gallons of paint will be used to paint the inside of the barn?

3. String A is 35 centimeters long. String B is 5 times longer than string A. Both are necessary to create a decorative bottle.
Find the total length of string needed for 17 identical decorative bottles. Express your answers in meters.

4. A pineapple is seven times as heavy as an orange. The pineapple also weigh 870 grams more than the orange.
a. What is the total weight in grams for the pineapple and the orange?
b. Express the total weight of the pineapple and orange in kilograms?

This video shows how to solve a very difficult multi-step problem that involves unit conversions, multiplication, division, and subtraction. Multiple diagrams are also used to help understanding.
3. It is recommended that athletes drink a minimum of 0.24 L of water for every 20 minutes of athletic activity. John plays tennis for 3 hours. His water bottle holds 1,500 mL. Will he have enough water to meet the minimum requirement? If so, how much water will he have left? If not, what is the least amount of water he will need to put in his bottle when it is empty? Express your answer in liters.

2. A container of oregano is 17 pounds heavier than a container of peppercorns. Their total weight is 253 pounds. The peppercorns will be sold in 1-ounce bags. How many bags of peppercorns can be made?

3. Each costume needs 46 centimeters of red ribbon and three times as much yellow ribbon. What is the total length of ribbon needed for 64 costumes? Express your answer in meters.

4. When making a batch of oranges for her basketball team, Jackie used 5 times as much water as concentrate. There are 32 more cups of water than concentrate.
a. How much juice did she make in all?
b. She poured the juice into quart containers. How many containers could she fill? 2. The new athletic facility on the downtown campus measures 0.74 km by 0.4 km. How many square meters is the facility?

4. A Rottweiler gave birth to 3 puppies. The first puppy weighed 5.1 kg. The second weighed 206 g less than the first. The third puppy weighed 0.2 kg more than the second.
a. What is the total weight of the litter in grams?
b. How much more did the heaviest puppy weight than the lightest one?
c. The mother weighed 4 times the total weight of her litter. What was her weight in kilograms?

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