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Graphing Logarithmic Functions

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Videos, worksheets, solutions and activities to help PreCalculus students learn how to graph logarithmic functions.

How to graph a logarithmic function?
The graph of y = lobb(x - h) + k has the following characteristics
• The line x = h is a vertical asymptote.
• The domain is x > h, and the range is all real numbers.
• If b > 1, the graph moves up to the right. If 0 < b < 1, the graph moves down to the right.

Graphing Logarithmic Functions (step-by-step)
This video provides detailed instructions for graphing a logarithmic function. Including range, domain, general shape and finding simple points on the graph.
Graph the function and state its Domain and Range
y = log5(x + 2)
Tutorial on graphing logarithmic functions
Step by step instructions.
f(x) = log(x + 10) Graphing Logarithmic Function
Graph y = log5x

Matching Logarithmic Functions with Their Graphs
This video explains how to match exponential and logarithmic functions to graphs based upon the properties of the functions. How to match exponential and logarithmic functions to graphs based upon the properties of the functions? Graph of Logarithmic Functions
In science classes we will often find ourselves graphing logarithmic functions to describe situations such as motion or speed over time. When trying to identify these situations as those seen in graphing logarithmic functions, it is important to be able to recognize these graphs. It is also important to recognize graphs of exponential functions and their importance as the logarithmic inverse.

How to find the graph of a logarithmic equation with a base greater than one?

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