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Linear & Exponential Functions

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Common Core (Functions)
Common Core for Mathematics

Examples, solutions, videos, and lessons to help High School students learn how to distinguish between situations that can be modeled with linear functions and with exponential functions.

A. Prove that linear functions grow by equal differences over equal intervals, and that exponential functions grow by equal factors over equal intervals.

Common Core: HSF-LE.A.1

Common Core Algebra I. Linear Versus Exponential
Similarities and differences between linear and exponential functions.
More practice is gained in determining the equations of both types of functions.
Growth of exponential functions and how it outpaces the growth of linear.
Linear Versus Exponential

Determine if a Table Represents a Linear or Exponential Function
This video explains how to determine if a function given as a table is a linear function, exponential function, or neither.
Identifying Linear vs Exponential Functions Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models

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