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Integrated Algebra Regents - January 2013

High School Math based on the topics required for the Regents Exam conducted by NYSED. The following are the worked solutions for the Integrated Algebra Regents High School Examination January 2013.

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January 2013 Integrated Algebra Regents Exam

Integrated Algebra - January 2013 Regents - Q #1 - 5

1. The number of hours spent on math homework during one week and the math exam grades for eleven students in Ms. Smith's algebra class are plotted below. Based on the plotted data, what is the correlation between the time spent on homework and the exam grade?
2. A car uses one gallon of gasoline for every 20 miles it travels. If a gallon of gasoline costs $3.98, how much will the gas cost, to the nearest dollar, to travel 180 miles?
3. If Angelina's weekly allowance is d dollars, which expression represents her allowance, in dollars, for x weeks?
4. What is the solution of the system of equations shown in the graph below?
5. The solution of the equation 5 - 2x = -4x - 7 is...
Integrated Algebra - January 2013 Regents - Q #6 - 10

6. The expression 100n2  - 1 is equivalent to
7. In right triangle ABC shown below, what is the value of cos A?
8. A bag contains five green gumdrops and six red gumdrops. If Kim pulls a green gumdrop out of the bag and eats it, what is the probability that the next gumdrop she pulls out will be red?
9. Which graph represents a function?
10. The current population of a town is 10,000. If the population, P, increases by 20% each year, which equation could be used to find the population after t years?

Integrated Algebra -  January 2013 Regents - Q #11 - 15

11. Which verbal expression is represented by 2(x + 4)?
12. How many cubes with 5-inch sides will completely fill a cube that is 10 inches on a side?
13. A school newspaper will survey students about the quality of the school's lunch program. Which method will create the least biased results?
14. The vertex of the parabola y = x2 + 8x + 10 lies in Quadrant
15. In the figure below, ABCD is a square and semicircle O has a radius of 6. What is the area of the figure?
Integrated Algebra - January 2013 Regents - Q #16 - 20

16. What is 24x2y6 - 16x6y2 + 4xy2 divided by 4xy2?
17. Which expression can be used to change 75 kilometers per hour to meters per minute?
18. The inequality can be written as...
19. The expression is equivalent to...
20. The roots of the equation x2 - 14x + 48 = 0 are...
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