Integers And The Number Line

In these lessons and examples, we will look at integers and the number line.

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The following diagram show positive integers, zero and negative integers on the number line. Scroll down the page for examples and solutions.

Integer Number Line


Integers consist of negative integers, zero and positive integers.


0 is an integer but is neither positive nor negative.

Negative numbers have a ‘–’ sign before them.

–3 is read as “negative three”

+6 or 6 is read as “positive six” or “six”

Opposite Of A Number

The opposite of a number is the number with the sign changed.

The opposite of 4 is –4

The opposite of –6 is 6

Since 0 is neither positive nor negative, the opposite of 0 is also 0.

Number Lines - Identifying Integers And Their Opposites

Two numbers are opposites if, on a number line, they are the same distance from zero, but on different sides of zero.

Number Line

Integers can be represented on the number line. On a number line, the positive numbers are to the right of zero and the negative numbers are to the left of zero.

integer number line

An integer on the horizontal number line is greater than the number on its left and less than the number on its right.

–1 is greater than –2 and less than 0.

We can also write it as –1 > –2 and –1 < 0.

Recall that “>” means greater than and “<” means less than.

This means that all the integers on the number line are arranged in ascending order from left to right.

On the number line, moving to the right is positive.

On the number line, moving to the left is negative.

Opposite Of A Given Number

Identify each number in the right column with its opposite in the left column.

Locate Integers On A Number Line

Identify which of the following numbers are integers, and then plot them on the number line.

Whole Numbers, Integers, And The Number Line

Number systems evolved from the natural “counting” numbers, to whole numbers (with the addition of zero), to integers (with the addition of negative numbers), and beyond. These number systems are easily understood using the number line.

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