IGCSE 2020 Maths 0580/22 May/June

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE Maths 2020 0580/22 May/June Paper 2.

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IGCSE 2020 0580/22 May/June (pdf)

  1. Write down the order of rotational symmetry of the diagram.
  2. At noon the temperature in Maseru was 21°C.
    At midnight the temperature had fallen by 26°C.
    Work out the temperature at midnight.
  3. AB = BC and ABD is a straight line.
    Find the value of x.
  4. Write down
    (a) a square number greater than 10,
    (b) an irrational number.
  5. y = mx + c
    Find the value of y when m = -3, x = -2 and c = -8.
  6. Calculate the area of the trapezium.
  7. On the Venn diagram, shade the region A ∩ B.
  8. Write 2-4 as a decimal.
  9. The bearing of B from A is 105°.
    Find the bearing of A from B.

  1. Simplify.
    p/2q × 4pq/t
  2. Without using a calculator, work out 1 3/4 - 11/12.
    You must show all your working and give your answer as a fraction in its simplest form.
  3. Roberto buys a toy for $5.00.
    He then sells it for $4.60.
    Calculate his percentage loss.
  4. Simplify 8t8 ÷ 4t4.
  5. Solve the equation.
    (1-x)/3 = 5
  6. Ella’s height is 175cm, correct to the nearest 5cm.
    Write down the upper bound of Ella’s height.
  7. Calculate (3 × 10-3)3.
    Give your answer in standard form.
  8. A train of length 105m takes 11 seconds to pass completely through a station of length 225m.
    Calculate the speed of the train in km/h.
  9. Describe fully the single transformation that maps triangle T onto triangle U.
  10. Make y the subject of the formula.
    h2 = x2 + 2y2
  11. A, B, C and D lie on the circle, centre O.
    TA is a tangent to the circle at A.
    Angle ABC = 131° and angle ADB = 20°.
    (a) angle ADC,
    (b) angle AOC,
    (c) angle BAT,
    (d) angle OAB.
  12. Simplify.
    (a) (5x4)3
    (b) (256 × 256)3/8
  13. p is directly proportional to (q + 2)2.
    When q = 1, p = 1.
    Find p when q = 10.
  14. (a) By drawing suitable lines and shading unwanted regions, find the region, R, where x ≥ 2, y ≥ x and 2x + y ≤ 8 .
    (b) Find the largest value of x + y in the region R.
  15. The diagram shows a sector of a circle of radius 8cm.
    The length of the arc PQ is 6.4cm.
    Find the area of the sector.
  16. Simplify.
  17. Find the value of n.
  18. The diagram shows a cuboid.
    AB = 8cm, AD = 6 cm and DH = 6 cm.
    Calculate angle HAF.

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