IGCSE Maths 2020 0580/13 May/June

Cambridge CIE IGCSE Past Papers and solutions.
Questions and Worked Solutions for IGCSE 2020 0580/13 May/June Paper 1.

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IGCSE 2020 0580/13 May/June (pdf)

  1. Write six hundred and seven thousand and twenty-one in figures.
  2. On the grid, draw a shape that is congruent to shape A.
  3. Edelgard tries to calculate
    (a) She types into her calculator 68 + 18 ÷ 9 - 5.
    Explain why this does not give Edelgard the correct answer.
    (b) Work out the correct answer to
  4. A train from Woodton to Northley takes 6 hours 25 minutes.
    The train leaves Woodton at 19 46.
    Work out the time the train arrives at Northley.
  5. Write down the number that is 7 more than -38.
  6. Simplify.
    5w + 3h - 7w + 8h
  7. (a) Write down the mathematical name of a quadrilateral that has
  • rotational symmetry of order 1
  • only one line of symmetry.
    (b) Reflect the shape in line L.

  1. In the diagram, AB is parallel to CD.
    (a) Find the value of x.
    Give a geometrical reason for your answer.
    (b) Work out the value of y.
    Give a geometrical reason for your answer.
  2. 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39
    From this list of numbers, write down
    (a) a multiple of 8,
    (b) a square number,
    (c) a prime number.
  3. (a) A circular garden has diameter 11.4m.
    Draw the garden accurately, using a scale of 1cm represents 1.5m.
    (b) On a map, the distance between two towns is 9.6cm.
    The scale of the map is 1 : 50000.
    Work out the actual distance between the two towns in kilometres.
  4. Triangle ABC is isosceles.
    Angle ABC = 32° and AB = AC.
    Find angle BAC.
  5. A bag contains yellow balls, pink balls and green balls only.
    The ratio yellow balls : pink balls : green balls = 7 : 3 : 5.
    There are 42 yellow balls in the bag.
    Work out the total number of balls in the bag.
  6. On any day, the probability that Marcus will get a seat on the school bus is 0.93 .
    (a) Write down the probability that he will not get a seat on the school bus today.
    (b) There are 200 school days in a year.
    Work out the expected number of days in a year that Marcus will not get a seat.
  7. Simplify.
    (a) p2 × p4
    (b) m15 ÷ m5
    (c) (k3)5
  8. Describe fully the single transformation that maps shape A onto shape B.
  9. Without using a calculator, work out 3 1/4 - 2 2/3
    You must show all your working and give your answer as a fraction in its simplest form.
  10. A chef buys some cheese from France.
    200g of cheese costs 3.45 euros.
    The exchange rate is $1 = 0.84 euros.
    Work out the maximum mass of cheese the chef can buy with $150.
    Give your answer in kilograms, correct to 1 decimal place.
  11. Sonia wants to invest $5000 for 6 years.
    Bank A pays compound interest at a rate of 3.5% per year.
    Bank B increases the $5000 by 22% at the end of 6 years.
    Which bank will give Sonia the most money at the end of 6 years and by how much?
    You must show all your working.
  12. By rounding each number correct to 1 significant figure, estimate the value of
    You must show all your working.
  13. Des thinks of two numbers.
    The sum of his two numbers is -6.
    The difference between his two numbers is 62.
    Find the two numbers.
  14. A solid cylinder has radius 3cm and height 4.5cm.
    Calculate the total surface area of the cylinder.

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