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How Pendulum Clocks Work?

A collection of videos showing how clocks work, going into the insides and mechanisms of clocks.

The technology behind a pendulum clock has been around for centuries. Watch how the inside of a pendulum clock works in this video.
How Does A Pendulum Work?

How a pendulum wall clock works?
Pendulum clocks have been used to keep time since 1656. Pendulum clocks were the first clocks having sort of accuracy.
In an old Pendulum CLOCK several different parts are important:
There is the face of the clock, with its hour and minute hand.
A keyhole used to wind a spring inside the clock.
And, of course, there is the pendulum itself.
In most wall clocks that use a pendulum, the pendulum swings once per second. In small cuckoo clocks the pendulum might swing twice a second. In large grandfather clocks, the pendulum swings once every two seconds.

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