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Homophones & Heteronyms (American)

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Triple Homophones
Most students know such homophones as "bear" and "bare", but few are aware of the triple homophones that exist.
Many English words have the same pronunciation, but a different spelling and meaning. We call these homophones.
Here are some triple homophones for you.
If you go by the shops, can you buy some eggs? Thanks. Bye!
I need four volunteers to come to the fore for a dangerous job.
Did you say oar or ore?
Do you want to pare that pear, or that pair of potatoes?
Pour some water on that poor cat's paw.
Take the reins, the king said to his son. My reign's ended with the rains.
Cite the policeman. He had sight of the crash site.
The world whirled and the oceans whorled.
Can you see that ewe under the yew?
And here is a quadruple homophone I found.
You were right to write about the Wright's rite of passage.
Homophones: American English Pronunciation

Heteronyms and Homophones: American English pronunciation
Heteronyms: American English Pronunciation

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