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Histograms - Grade 6

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Examples, videos, worksheets, and solutions to help Grade 6 students learn how to make and interpret histograms.

What is a Histogram?
1. A histogram is like a bar graph but the bars are drawn so they touch each other.
2. A histogram shows the frequency of data within given intervals

How to create a histogram?
Data and statistics for 6th grade
Learn how to create histograms, which summarize data by sorting it into buckets.
Creating a Histogram
1. The heights of students in two high school classes were measured in centimeters, The results were grouped into a frequency table. Display the data in a histogram.
2. The number of chicken wings eaten by customers were counted. The results were grouped into a frequency table. Display the data in a histogram.

Comparing dot plots, histograms, and box plots
Which data displays would be helpful in which situations?
1. A statistician recorded the length of each Pixar's first 14 films. The statistician made a dot plot (each dot is a film), a histogram, and a box plot to display the running time data.
Which display could be used to find the median?
2. Nam owns a used car lot. He checked the odometers of the cars and recorded how far they had driven. He then created both a histogram and a box plot to display this same data.
a) Which display can be used to find how many vehicles had driven more than 200,000 km?
Which display can be used to find that the median distance was approximately 140,000 km?

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