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Heuristic Approach to Problem-solving: Examples

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn how to use the heuristic approach to solve word problems in Singapore Math.

Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
Advanced Example 2 - Look for a pattern
Jane is helping to set up 15 tables for the Healthy Lifestyle Exhibition in her school. Each table can only have one exhibit on each side. Jane arranges the table together so that they form one long table. How many exhibits van be shown altogether?
Use A Picture / Diagram / Model
The total cost of 2 similar bags, 3 wallets and 4 belts is $1188. A bag cost thrice as much as a wallet and a wallet costs twice as much as a belt. How much will Ted have to pay for a bag, a wallet and a belt?

Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
Use Before-After concept
At the beginning of a swimming camp, the number of boys was 5 times the number of girls. After 144 boys left the camp, there were twice as many girls as boys. What was the total number of children at the beginning of the camp?
Heuristic Approach to problem-solving
7/10 of the boys who participated in a marathon race were Chinese. The rest of the boys were made up of Eurasians and Malays in the ratio 5:7 respectively. There were 756 more Chinese than Malay boys. Find the total number of boys who participated in the marathon race.

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