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Heavier, Lighter or Same

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Eureka Math/EngageNY Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 9 Common Core Worksheets

New York State Common Core Math Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 9
Worksheets for Kindergarten, module 3, lesson 9

Worksheets, solutions, and videos to help Kindergarten students learn how to compare objects using heavier than, lighter than, and the same as with balance scales

Topic C: Comparison of Weight

Lesson 9 Concept Development and Problem Set

Put the following sentence frame on the board, then read it to the students: I am lighter than __________, but I am heavier than _____________.
Draw two things on your paper that would make this sentence true for you. Show your pictures to your partner. Does she agree with you? How much do you think you weigh?

1. Why is a balance scale helpful?
2. Which objects did you record to be heavier than? Which ones were lighter than?
3. Did you find any objects that were about the same weight?
4. Were you surprised by anything you discovered in the activity?
5. Explain to your friend which objects you recorded as being lighter or heavier. Did you have the same answer?

Lesson 9 Homework

Draw something inside the box that is heavier than the object on the balance.

Draw something lighter than the object on the balance.

Learning Goal

I can compare objects that are heavier than, lighter than, and the same as - using a balance scale.

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