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GRE Practice Test Verbal Reasoning Part 2

Questions and Solutions for GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 Part 2)

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These are explanations and step by step solutions for the second edition of the ETS Practice Book for the Paper-Based GRE Revised General Test (Verbal Reasoning Section 3).
GRE Practice Test Second Edition - Complete Paper (pdf)

For each question, indicate the best answer, using the directions given.
For each of Questions 1 to 8, select one entry for each blank from the corresponding column of choices. Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.

GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 5)
5. A newly published, laudatory biography of George Bernard Shaw fails, like others before it, to capture the essence of his personality: the more he is (i)___ , the more his true self seems to (ii)___ .
Blank (i)
A. discussed
B. disparaged
C. disregarded
Blank (ii)
D. disappear
E. emerge
F. coalesce
GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 6)
6. Although he has long had a reputation for (i) ___ , his behavior toward his coworkers has always been (ii)___ , suggesting he may not be as insolent as people generally think.
Blank (i)
A. inscrutability
B. venality
C. impudence
Blank (ii)
D. brazen
E. courteous
F. predictable

GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 7)
There is nothing that (i)___ scientists more than having an old problem in their field solved by someone from outside. If you doubt this (ii)___ , just think about the (iii)___ reaction of paleontologists to the hypothesis of Luis Alvarez—a physicist—and Walter Alvarez—a geologist—that the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by the impact of a large meteor on the surface of the planet.
Blank (i)
A. amazes
B. pleases
C. nettles
Blank (ii)
D. exposition
E. objurgation
F. observation
Blank (iii)
G. contemptuous
H. indifferent
I. insincere
GRE Practice Test Second Edition. (Verbal Reasoning Section 3 solution for question 8)
8. If one could don magic spectacles—with lenses that make the murky depths of the ocean become transparent—and look back several centuries to an age before widespread abuse of the oceans began, even the most (i)___ observer would quickly discover that fish were formerly much more abundant. Likewise, many now-depleted species of marine mammals would appear (ii)___ . But without such special glasses, the differences between past and present oceans are indeed hard to (iii)___ .
Blank (i)
A. casual
B. prescient
C. clearheaded
Blank (ii)
D. threatened
E. plentiful
F. unfamiliar
Blank (iii)
G. ignore
H. discern
I. dismiss

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