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GMAT Questions: Statistics

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Videos, examples and solutions that will help GMAT students review questions on statistics.

GMAT Math - Statistics
This video covers the statistics problems in the GMAT Math section.
Example: A class of 31 students has recently taken an exam and the average mark was 81. 10 students received a mark of 75, while 8 received a mark of 76. If the remaining students received marks of either 85 or 91, how many students received a score of 85?
Arithmetic Mean / Averages Heavy Truck Question
The arithmetic mean of the mass of 10 vehicles is 12 tons. The mean weight of the group of vehicles increased by 2.4 tons after a new heavy-duty truck was added to the group.
Approximatelywhat was the mass of the heavy-duty truck?

Data Sufficiency - Median of a b and c
Is c the median of a, b and c?
(1) b - c = a
(2) c = a
Standard Deviation Example - GMAT Statistics

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