Geometry Word Problems

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to solve geometry word problems.

Word Problems Involving Geometric Shapes, Rectangle, Triangle, Square
Length of a rectangle, angles of a triangle, finding the length of each side of a triangle that is compared to a square.
(1) The longest runway at an airport has the shape of a rectangle and an area of 1,327,700 square feet. This runway is 110 feet wide. How long is the runway?
(2) If the measure of the third angle of the triangle is 35 more than three times the measure of either of the other two angles, find the measure of each angle of the triangle. (Recall that the sum of the measures of the angles of a triangle is 180)
(3) The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 8 inches more than the perimeter of the square and the side of the triangle is 5 inches longer that the side of the square. Find the side of the triangle. (Hint: An equilateral triangle has three sides the same length)

Geometry Word problem
Before she goes camping, La Verne has to but a tent pole to replace the one she lost on her last outing. If the area of the front of the tent is 22 square feet and the base of the tent has the dimensions indicated below, how tall must the pole be?

Shadow Tree problems Geometry
This video shows how to solve word problems where you have a tree and some other object, both casting a shadow and they want you to find either how tall the tree is or how long the shadow is.

Geometry Word Problems - Angles of a Triangle
In this lesson, students are asked to solve word problems that involve the triangle sum theorem.
The measures of the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 2:5:8. Find the measure of each angle.

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