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What If I Don't Pass All Four Subject Area Tests the First Time?
You can take one or more of the tests again. However, note that many jurisdictions have special requirements for candidates who don't pass the GED tests the first time. You may be required to wait several months or show proof of attending a preparation course before you're permitted to re-test. You may also have to pay an additional fee. For the specific regulations in your area, check with your state, province, or territory's contact person for GED testing.

How Can I Get a Transcript of My GED Test Scores?
You can order your GED credentials from the GED website. You'll find detailed instructions below, but read these important bullet points first:
If you are a third party and you want to request transcripts on behalf of individuals, go to the Third party help topic.
Depending on where you took the GED test, you may only be able to order your transcript. Some jurisdictions will also let you order your diploma and certificate.
You can send your credentials to any destination. During the ordering process, you will tell us where to send them: to a college, an employer, or yourself, for example.
If we find you in the system right away, your order will be processed immediately. Sometimes, however, we may have to find you manually. For example, if you took the test many years ago, we might have to locate your paper transcript. Go to the Order on hold help topic more details.

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